8 week course for stress, anxiety and depression

These groups meet once a week for two hours over an eight week period.  During each session there is education on how the mind, body and brain work together from a scientific perspective and teach you how to use practices that will promote well-being in all aspects of yourself.  Sessions include just over an hour of yoga practice, breath work, additional mind-body activities and a group discussion.  During the first two weeks of the course we focus on regulating breath as a mode to alter the functioning of your nervous system, so that you can manage stress with greater ease.  From weeks three to five we concentrate on the relationship between body and mood and in weeks six to eight we focus specifially on the mind.


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If you are worried about being in a group or would like individualised attention through a personalised programme, private sessions may be of interest.  Private sessions are uniquely tailored to your own needs and can support you in making long-lasting changes in your life.