'An absolutely fantastic course.  It has helped me so much and I can't believe the difference I've seen in such a short time.  Each session taught me something new and I never felt any pressure to do anything that didn't feel right for me.  Arlene is a brilliant and patient yoga and mindfulness teacher.  I highly recommend the course and my Sundays will be very empty without it.'



'After the class each week it feels like you have reset your mind and body.  It was so helpful to become aware of thoughts and sensations in a safe environment and to learn new breathing exercises which I can use in different situations in the future.  Arlene is a really kind and clear teacher.'



'I am very grateful to have taken part in the minded yoga course with Arlene.  Her positive approach made me feel at ease and comfortable over the course of practise.  It has been really helpful! Thank you!'