About Minded Yoga

Minded yoga is a fusion of ancient techniques with a neuroscientific and medical appreciation of how the body can influence psychological health.  There is an understanding that the most effective way to encourage long-term transformation is by focusing on the entire person and not just one aspect.  Research reveals that faster and more long-term healing occurs through the intelligent integration of mind and body techniques.  Techniques are simple yet very effective and can be practiced by complete beginners or advanced yogis.


About Arlene

Arlene is a qualified Yoga Therapist and also works as an Occupational Therapist.  Arlene has worked in various mental health settings and has spent the past 10 years specialising within the Eating Disorders field.  Following her own yoga journey Arlene became interested in bringing the benefits of yoga to others she works with which led her to complete her Yoga Therapy Professional Training.  Following this Arlene has also completed Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders training through the Minded Institute.  Arlene combines her knowledge and experience from being both a Yoga Therapist and Occupational Therapist to support students on the path to optimal wellbeing.  Arlene is motivated to work with individuals and groups to empower them on their own yoga journey and to develop life skills to support mental wellbeing.